Everyone needs to find their personal key to reach their ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual state of health; all of which are interconnected. We believe that by using the natural elements from our earth, we can all reach optimum health. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, helping people of all ages manage their wellness. Harnessed from nature's most powerful element, it is Mother Earth's way of sharing her gift.

Benefits Of Using Natural Products

One of the most common desires for people seeking perineum tear treatments is that they're safe to use.
We're proud that our all of our products are all-natural, made for healing mothers, by a mother just like you.

Our Founder

From a young age, Lital was externally influenced by the words of family and friends about her ‘good hands’. Internally, she was inspired to heal. As an adult, Lital expanded her knowledge of alternative health with the goal of helping others find their ground & balance. Lital spent over 7 years in focused study and continues to attend professional workshops to enhance her skills, deepen her knowledge, and stay current with different healing techniques. In 2005, Lital founded “Feel It”, a practice offering onsite private & in-studio movement workshops, shiatsu classes, guided meditation, and tools for relaxation when under stress. Her clientele was primarily high-tech companies. Lital has worked as a therapist in private practices, hospitals, and different organizations and has taught Shiatsu to children and adults across the globe.


What Our Mothers Have to Say...


    I highly recommend these products. Products work due to their high quality. I gave a gift to my nephew’s wife and the products have helped her to have a spending recovery after having twins.

    Isabelle M.

    Long time customer

    Thank you Lital once again for your amazing products. Using the honey lavender during my postpartum was AMAZING as I felt a fast relieve and helped me heal fast and successfully. The product presentation is beautiful  and so easy to use .

    Natalie T.

    Second-time mother

    I used the honey lavender on the second day after my v-back. My tear was not so bad but it was enough to make me super uncomfortable specially when usind the restroom. it was like a miracle! Already on the first application i felt great relief, and it healed super fast. I though it would be sticky and weird to use and was surprised of how easy, clean and helpfull it was. Plus i know i was bringing something natural into my body, that would not interfere in any way with my milk supply. Recommend.

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