About Us

Our Philosophy

Everyone needs to find their personal key to reach their ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual state of health; all of which are interconnected. We believe that by using the natural elements from our earth, we can all reach optimum health. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, helping people of all ages manage wellness. Harnessed from nature's most powerful element, it is Mother Earth's way of sharing her gift.

Our Vision

We are passionate about helping everyone enjoy a natural and effective approach to their overall wellbeing. We believe that nature is the ultimate healer - that we are capable of healing from within. Our products not just serve as a postpartum treatment, they are must-have family remedies.

Our Story

WholeNest started as a solution provider to help every pregnant, and postpartum mom enjoy natural relief and be the best version of themselves to shower the utmost care on their little one. Truly, “you cannot give what you don’t have.”

We curated a list of organic essentials with Earth’s best natural ingredients, that are hypoallergenic, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding-safe. Our postpartum care products were initially designed for self-use, but Lital, the Founder, couldn’t hold back but offer these wellness essentials to other moms.

Our products, classes, and posts are designed with clear intention, and we combine knowledge, practicality, wisdom, and spirituality to give you the best.

With a multitude of first-hand experiences in various body pains, we thought: Why not create all-around products for everybody that can solve more than just one pain point?

Our nurture from within approach is the backbone of everything we do. Made with you and your family in mind, WholeNest was created to offer multi-functional products that take on the job of several different treatments.

WholeNest is for you. WholeNest is for your family. WholeNest is for everyone.

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