Burned in the Kitchen?

Turn the Heat Down with Honey Lavender Magic

Burned in the kitchen?

Turn the head down with Honey Lavender Magic!

Your magical solution for quick burn relief!

Your Magical Solution for Quick Burn Relief! 

For All Family Members

Pregnancy & Postpartum Safe

Natural & organic

Not tested
on animals

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A magical ointment for quick burn relief!

Kitchen burns happen, and they're not part of the recipe.The pain and worry about infection can ruin your day. Let's fix that!"
Let the Honey Lavender Magic work its natural healing magic for quick relief and speedy recovery from burns!

About the Ingredients…

The Natural Wonders of Honey

Chestnuts Honey has been celebrated for centuries for its remarkable healing properties. It's not just a sweet addition to your tea; it's a true gift from nature. Here's what makes honey so special:

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Qualities

Chestnuts Honey is naturally endowed with antimicrobial qualities, making it an effective shield against harmful bacteria. This means it can protect your skin from infections, which is particularly crucial when dealing with burns.

Skin Regeneration

Chestnut honey boasts anti-inflammatory effects, making it an ideal choice for addressing burns and supporting the healing process. Its natural soothing properties can be particularly beneficial for wound care, diabetic ulcers, throat conditions, and even acne.

Soothing Sensation

Chestnuts Honey stimulates the regeneration of skin tissue, helping your skin recover and heal faster. It's like giving your skin a boost in its natural healing process.

The Serenity of Lavender

Lavender, known for its calming aroma and soothing properties, is the perfect complement to Chestnut honey's healing powers. Here's why lavender is a fantastic addition to Honey Lavender Magic:

Calming and Relaxing

Lavender's scent can be a balm for your senses. It helps relax your mind and body, and when applied to your skin, it has a soothing effect that alleviates stress and tension.


Lavender contains compounds that reduce inflammation, making it an excellent choice for burns, where inflammation is often a primary concern.

Accelerated Healing

Lavender supports the body's natural healing processes, working in harmony with Chestnut honey to speed up the recovery of your skin.

The Perfect Harmony

This powerful combination not only soothes your burns but also accelerates the healing process. When you apply this magical ointment to your burns, you're giving your skin a dose of healing, comfort, and rejuvenation like never before. 

 So when we say "natural healing," we mean it. It's not about chemical ingredients, it's about taking advantage of the power of these gifts of Mother Nature to soothe and restore the skin.
Ready to experience the soothing magic of Honey Lavender Magic?

Your First Aid Ointment

Honey Lavender Magic isn't just a one-trick pony; it's your all-in-one solution for a wide range of skin concerns, making it an essential addition to your kitchen or first aid kit.

Mild Burns, Scalds, Blisters, Redness, & Swelling

"For minor burns, scalds, blisters, or redness, Honey Lavender Magic brings fast relief. The soothing power of Chestnut honey and lavender works like magic, easing discomfort for quicker skin recovery."

Wounds and Abrasions

"Accidents happen everywhere, not just in the kitchen. For cuts and abrasions, let Honey Lavender Magic support your skin's healing. It acts as a protective barrier, ensuring clean and swift recovery."

Bruises and Tears

Apply Honey Lavender Magic to these areas, its anti-inflammatory properties assist in reducing the visibility of bruises and promote quicker healing for minor tears in the skin.

A True Multi-Purpose Balm

What sets Honey Lavender Magic apart is its versatility. It's not just for emergencies; it's a daily skincare essential.

The best part? 
Honey Lavender Magic is incredibly easy to use.

 Its smooth application and instant relief make it a must-have in your kitchen or first aid kit. 

This multi-purpose wonder simplifies your skincare routine, reducing the need for multiple products No need for a multitude of different products when you have this all-in-one magic balm. 

It simplifies your skincare and first-aid needs, It's not just a balm; it's a holistic skin solution designed to make your life easier and your skin healthier. 
Ready to experience the magic? 
Happy Customers

This closed my cut in 2 days which is life changing since I work with my hands!

When I find something that ACTUALLY works, I can’t keep it to myself! This product by @wholenest is truly magic, hence the name Honey Lavender Magic! I always get little cuts at the edges of my thumbs during the dry cold seasons and nothing I’ve used in the past helped close it up! This closed my cut in 2 days which is life changing since I work with my hands!
Ashley Hocutt

Easy Application and Instant Relief

Latest Testimonials

This balm is the bomb!! I wish I would’ve known about this after the difficulties I experienced after having my daughter. Luckily, this can be used for more than your postpartum woes. It smells incredible with a heavy lavender essential oil scent. At first it seemed like it might burn on a cut, but I applied some immediately after cutting my finger while chopping veggies, and it instantly took away the pain and left no burn. It works wonders on burns too, much better than aloe. This is something I will keep on hand from now on!


Bye bye neosporin

I am a very holistic person and this is one of the best products I've ever used for cuts. Not only it healed me in 2 days but also it took the pain away! I am currently still using it for the scars and so far is working great. This is my new go to first aid emergency ointment. It's magic!


My first aid emergency ointment

My friend recommended this for a big hand burn from the oven because I like to use products with natural ingredients and this WORKS! I can see many uses for it at home, but it smells so good I wanted to take a spoon and put it in my mouth.

Orly Larkin

Heals burns

I’m so happy with this product, I’ve been using it on my baby’s scratches and am impressed with how much quicker they’ve healed. I also love the smell and have dabbed a little bit of it on myself before baby’s bedtime for calming. I’m sure I will find many more uses for this too.

Hannah F

Soothing, Calming, and Multi Use