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At least 2 out of 10 moms suffer from postpartum depression. Many don't even know they did experience it. While postpartum depression is tied to hormonal changes, our minds can balance the effects of these changes and soften the journey if that one has to come.

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The healing circle is a profound form of guided meditation that focuses on 3 different aspects of healing: personal, for loved ones, and collective healing for the world.

  • Postpartum Depression
  • Discomfort & Pain Relief
  • Recharge & Boost Your Energy

Private or Groups Sessions 20-90 min

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Frequently Asked

Can I sample the impact of Connect Healling Circle before purchase?

Absolutly. Follow us on instagram or send us your request to to get invited to our live streamed sessions. They are short yet very impactful.

Is it good only for Postpartum Depression?

Great question. Connect Healing Cirlce have been practiced for years to help with many concerns that are not only related to postpartum, but also helps to alleviate discomfort and pain, boost energy and increase focus as well as sending healing energy to others.

When should I start?

As early as possible. Our goal is to condition the mind and prepae the body for potential challanges that are on our path and turn them into opportunties to alter our state of being through them.

Do you work with large groups ?

Conenct healing cirlce can be expereinced with unlimited audiance size. Actually, the more people participate, the bigger impact there is. Contact us for more detials.

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