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Honey Lavender Magic

Honey Lavender Magic

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Multi-purpose first aid ointment

Discover the enchanting healing energy derived from the purest, all-organic, highest-of-quality honey and lavender. This organic balm helps relieve perineal tears and postpartum pain, reduces swelling and pressure-like sensations and speeds up healing time. It is perfect for emergency use for bruises, stitches, cuts, swellings, and bumps, and even for DIY skin & face care. 

Unique Benefits

Perineal Tear Treatment
Postpartum Care
Bruises, Stitches
Cuts, Swelling, Bumps
Calming Effect
DIY Skin & Face Care

How to Use

Stir well before use.
POSTPARTUM: Start using our postpartum balm one week after birth. Use the wooden spoon to apply a good amount of balm to the panty liner. Do this at least twice a day.
GENERAL USE: Use the wooden spoons to apply directly to the affected area.

Precious Ingredients

Pure Honey
+ Love & Healing Vibrations

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Shipping & Returns

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We are confident in our product's purity and its promised results. While it is only normal that our product will not work for EVERY person, we do respect the effort and time you spend to give us a chance. We offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If by any chance, you are not satisfied, please send us an email at and we will process a full refund or free replacement.

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  • Natrual & Organic

  • Pregnancy Safe

  • Nursing Safe

  • Kids & Family Safe

  • Small Batch Production

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A Postpartum Care Kit Necessity

A remarkable balm that relieves postpartum pain and perineal tears, reducing swelling and pressure-like sensations, and can even speed up healing time.

  • Nature's Miracle in a Bottle

    Inheriting a traditional recipe that has passed through generations, it is extremely effective and multi-purpose.

  • Versatile First Aid Ointment

    It can be used as a wound treatment, scar fader, acne spot remover, address ingrown toenail irritation, and more.

  • DIY Face & Skin Care

    It reveals your natural glow from within due to its moisturizing, cleansing, healing and anti-aging properties.

What's inside the bottle?

Natural is the way to go. Discover the extraordinary healing properties of raw honey (Mel) and Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) oil. Our new mom essentials liquid balm features all-natural, organic, purest and highest-of-quality honey and lavender to create an ointment that works.

You've Asked, We Answered


Is this organic and all natural?

Absolutely - we do not use chemicals or preservatives.

What do you mean by purest, high-quality, "precious" ingredients?

Having precious ingredients means we carefully studied and validated every ingredient that makes its way into our products. We validate every strain, production process, and origin, and we treat each one of the ingredients as a sacred gift by nature.

What is the texture like? Is it sticky?

Our Honey Lavender Magic balm has a unique texture because it was formulated with the purest and highest-quality ingredients. It is thick in texture because of its (not so) secret ingredient: honey. It is non-greasy, and easy to apply!

Can I use it immediately after giving birth?

We recommend for you to use our post natal mom liquid balm one week after birth.

Is it safe for kids and pregnant/nursing moms?

Yes, yes and yes! Our post-birth essentials balm is safe to use during and after delivery and can also be used by your kids. It can be used as perineal tear treatment, wound healer, scar fader, acne spot remover, & address ingrown toenail irritation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Ashley Hocutt
This closed my cut in 2 days which is life changing since I work with my hands!

When I find something that ACTUALLY works, I can’t keep it to myself!

This product by @wholenest is truly magic, hence the name Honey Lavender Magic!

I always get little cuts at the edges of my thumbs during the dry cold seasons and nothing I’ve used in the past helped close it up! This closed my cut in 2 days which is life changing since I work with my hands!

Oh yeah

Great for bruises and after birth or scars. Thank you.

Great natural product made in the USA

Honest reviews matter, good or bad, so here's my thoughts... Pros: wonderful scent that isn't overwhelming; not sticky - I was worried about that since it's made with honey; soothed my razor burn Cons: absolutely none - checking out the other products from this company

Great for "everyday" use- not just postpartum

This contains 2 ingredients: honey and lavender oil. The smell is great- a very strong lavender smell. Both of these ingredients are amazing for healing cuts and burns. I keep this in the fridge for those 2 reasons. Yes, it get s a little stiffer, but it feels really good on your skin. This is a very small jar for the price, hence the 4 out of 5 stars.

High quality

What a nice product. This is obviously made with love and has high quality ingredients. I’m very happy to have it on hand for any cut, scrape, etc.