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Boost Your Fertility Healing Circle

Boost Your Fertility Healing Circle

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A Healing Journey for Body and Mind during Fertility

Experience the transformative power of our Fertility Healing Circle Meditation, designed to support your journey to parenthood. Elevate your consciousness, remove blockages, and align the mind and body for a smoother path to conception.


  • Mind-Body Alignment: Harness the power of your mind to guide your body towards conception.
  • Blockage Discovery: Identify and overcome internal obstacles hindering fertility.
  • Reprogram Beliefs: Reprogram subconscious beliefs affecting your ability to conceive.
  • Visualize Your Dream: Create your ideal reality, manifest your future family. 
  • The power of guided imagery: Tap into the strength of your imagination, as Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge."
  • Healing Energy: Inject mercy and forgiveness into the reproductive organs, to enhance healing and rejuvenation.  
  • Body Wisdom: Connect with the intelligence of your, fostering harmony within.
  • Faith & Timing: develop faith in yourself and the divine, and know that every soul comes at the tight timing. 
  • Purpose Discovery: find out your own very personal purpose behind your parenthood journey.
  • Open your Heart, open your Uterus: create synergy between the two. 
  • Sharing is caring: Send healing energy to others in need.

Join us for the Fertility Healing Circle Meditation and let's create a harmonious mind, body, and spirit, bringing your dream of parenthood to life.

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You've Asked, We Answered


Do I need to know how to meditate If I want to participate in the healing circle?

Not at all. The meditation is guided and is very easy to follow.

How is the healing circle going to help me?

Depending on what your needs are, the healing circle may help you feel calmer, more energized, hopeful, it may help to reduce stress and anxiety, and may help with improving some physical symptoms. Since we’re also meditating and thinking about others, they might also feel  improvement in their symptoms. Since we are working with visualizations, the body reacts very well to it, and we may feel overall better after the session.

If I have postpartum depression is it enough to do the healing circles only, and not to take any medications? 

The healing circle doesn’t replace the medical treatment that is often very important in case of a diagnosed PPD. The HC (healing circle) is an addition to the medicine, never instead. The combo of the 2, might bring great results. 

How many people can participate in the healing circle?

Any number of people from 1-30. The power of the group in those sessions is really amazing, because we each bring on his/her energy, and together we create something beautiful and magnificent that can affect the individual and the group.

How often should I do the HC?

As often as you’d like, depending on what you’d like to achieve. You can book the full program of 5 sessions for the complete impact.

What is is the healing circle good for?

 Recovering from a surgery/planning for a surgery (either for ourselves or someone else)/ dealing with a disease or a health issue (again, either for ourselves or someone else who’s in need)/postpartum depression/dealing with stress and anxiety/feeling burnt out or depleted and need some energetic support/dealing with fears/dealing with a new baby/trying to conceive/preparing for labor for an easy and fast delivery/finding the connection between the body and mind/releasing emotions from the different organs in the body/dealing with depression/overall health/regulate the nervous system, and MORE. 

What is the outline of the healing circle?

it always has 3 parts to it: meditating on ourselves, on others, and on the world.

Who is it for? 

Anyone who would like to improve their mental/physical/emotional health, and for those who wishes to meditate and pray for someone else who’s in need. 

How many people are required for a Group Healing Circle Session and How do I participate?

A minimum of 3 people is required for a Group Healing Circle Session to take place.

To participate in a Group Healing Circle Session, every person in your group should purchase the same healing circle with the same group selection. Once all participants have made their purchases, an email will be sent to each member of the group.

Can each participant pay separately for the same group session?

Yes, each participant can pay separately for the same group session. However, it's essential that all participants select the same healing circle with the same group option to ensure everyone is included in the same session.

What happens after we purchase the session as a group?

After all members of the group have made their purchases, each participant will receive an email with instructions on how to select a convenient day and time for the session. Once the session date and time are confirmed, you will receive a link to access the virtual meeting.

Can we choose a session date that works for our group?

Absolutely! You will have the flexibility to collectively choose a session date and time that works best for your group's schedule. The email you receive after purchase will provide details on how to coordinate this.