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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products safe during pregnancy and for kids?

Yes, absolutely. We have spent years finding and best ingredients that can be safe for you and your entire family during pregnancy, nursing, postpartum and beyond.

Why is WholeNest a good natural treatment alternative to medications?

Wholenest products are boosters for the body's natural ability to heal itself without using chemicals or toxins and without interfering with the natural recovery process that is already happening anyway. We make sure that all precious ingredients used are all-natural, well-balanced, equally nourishing, and harmonious with one another.

What is your return & exchange policy?

We are confident in our product's purity and its promised results. While it is only normal that our product will not work for EVERY person, we do respect the effort and time you spend to give us a chance. If by any chance, you are not satisfied, please send us an email at and, we will process a full refund or free replacement.

How long should I use the products for?

As long as you feel you still need some recovery in some area, usually it takes 2-3 weeks. It varies as every body is different.

Do the products have expiration dates?

Essential oils don’t have expiration dates. They’re good to be used for years, unless they evaporate.

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