Healing Circle Sessions

Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-body therapy is a crucial aspect of achieving holistic wellness and alignment. By acknowledging the connection between our physical and emotional health, we can activate the body's natural healing mechanisms and gain a greater sense of well-being.

I've crafted this one-of-a-kind experience to help mothers heal, bond, and flourish during this transformative time. In this private session with our expert therapist, mothers will be led through a blend of meditation, visualization, and gentle movements to enhance both physical and emotional healing, reduce stress and anxiety, and foster a strong connection with their baby.

I invite you to experience the magic of the Healing Circle Mind-Body Therapy Session for yourself.

What is Healing Cirlce?

  • Single Session Bundle

    Experience a 90-minute transformational healing journey with our expert facilitators for $180 per session. In this bundle, you can explore your inner self and discover new ways to heal and grow.

  • 5 Session Deep Journey Bundle:

    Embark on a deeper journey with our expert facilitators with our 5 Session Deep Journey Bundle. This bundle is perfect for those seeking a more immersive healing experience, as our facilitators will guide you through your process every step of the way. Receive 5 healing circle sessions for $720, a savings of $180 compared to purchasing single sessions separately.

  • Group Session Bundle:

    Gather your friends or family and join us for a transformative group healing session. Our expert facilitators will guide a minimum of 4 participants through a 90-minute session for $57 per person. This bundle is perfect for those seeking a shared healing experience and an opportunity to connect with others.

Healing Circle Sessions

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