Q: Is the honey lavender ointment sticky? 
A: This ointment isn’t sticky it all, but very liquidy due the special formula and the ingredients combo.

Q:Are the wooden spoons washable and reusable?
A: Yes, the wooden spoons are washable and reusable, no need to get more spoons, just make sure to wash and dry them after every use. 

Q: Are the products safe with breastfeeding? 
A:* Absolutely yes (please read the next question about the peppermint oil.

Q: What about the use of peppermint oil that exists in the hemorrhoid relief spray, is it safe with breastfeeding as well?
A: Peppermint in general, can dry up the milk in consuming large amounts. My suggestion is to use the hemorrhoid spray up to 2x a day, not close to breastfeeding. If there are any changes in the milk produce, reduce to once a day only. If the milk drys out (less likely), stop using the spray. 

Q:When should I start using the products?
A:As soon as you get home from the hospital. Average of 3-4 days after labor. 

Q:How long should I use the products for?
A: As long as you feel you still need some recovery in the area, usually it takes 2-3 weeks. It can be less or more. Every body is different. 

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: No that we know of. However, if for any reason, you have an allergic reaction, or worsen in the pain or sensations, stop using the products immediately. 

Q:Can the products affect or harm the baby in any way?
A: Not really, “Happy mom happy baby” once the mom feels stronger and healthier the baby can only benefit from it. Of course the products are for TOPICAL USE ONLY AND SHOULD BE AWAY FROM KIDS (we don’t want the newborn to swallow/eat the products, especially not the honey one-honey is not safe to eat for babies less than 1 year old.

Q:How long should I leave the beauty mask on?
A: For about 20-30 minutes, the more you leave it on, the better. 

Q:How do I know my child isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the nasal congestion spray?
A: This spray should never be sprayed directly on their skin, only in their room and pillow for them to breath it in. If you notice any skin rash or any allergic reaction, stop using immediately.

Q:Can I use the Nasal Congestion Spray in a humidifier? 
A: Absolutely yes. Not only it’ll do the work of opening airways and ease up colds, it’ll also create a wonderful smell in their room. 

Q:Do the products have expiration date?
A: Essential oils don’t have expiration date, they’re good to use for years, unless they evaporate.

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