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Go Away Cold! - Room and Pillow Spray

Go Away Cold! - Room and Pillow Spray

A Must-Have Family Remedy

NT weight 60ml

Our Go Away Cold product is a room and pillow spray, for nasal congestion, common colds, cough, seasonal allergies, mild viruses, immunity booster, and for opening up the airways. 


All ingredients are safe for kids and pregnant women and during nursing.

Good For

Nasal Congestion
Common Colds
Open Up Airways
Seasonal Allergy Relief
Immunity booster
Kids Safe Formula

Precious Ingredients

+ Love & Healing vibrations

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thank heavens for this!!

When my littlest guy started with all the snot and cough, I sprayed it on his pillow and bottoms of his feet at night. It smells amazing, it has helped give him some relief with his symptoms and me relief knowing it’s safe for the whole family 🥰

Soothe the itching and help with the discomfort of all my kids

All 3 of my kids caught a round of HFM a couple of weeks ago and while this didn’t phase them at all, they still had the typical cold symptoms and the blisters. When my kids get sick, I don’t typically reach for medicine as the first line of defense. I go straight to support. The diffusers run 24/7, we up the typical vitamins, herbs and supplements, and focus on nutrition and rest.

One of the things I reached for this time was the Go Away Cold Spray - I sprayed it on their pillows, in their playroom, on their clothes 😙 I also used the Honey Lavender Magic on their blisters which really seemed to soothe the itching and help with the discomfort.

At the end of the day, my kids were over being sick in less than 5 days and their blisters healed up super quick!! Having these products from WholeNest was a really convenient and beneficial way to support my kiddos bodies while they dealt with sickness ❤️

Carolina Arias
My whole family is getting relief from congestion and coughs with this spray.

I'm a mom of two and all my kids have some type of allergies (I think they are related to the changes in weather). The cold season is always a challenge. I've been using this product for the last couple weeks and let me just say, it's been a lifesaver! My whole family is getting relief from congestion and coughs with this spray.

Summer Jean
These products will be a staple in our household and in my postpartum journey

As moms we tend to be very keen on what we use on our children and the ingredients in certain products which is why I’m happy to support and try these natural products from WholeNest which are laced with essential oils and ingredients that promote healing and wellness for the entire family ✨

Fantastic and truly godsend

I wanted to let you know that your product Go Away Cold is fantastic! I have a 5-year-old and a 2 year old and they both are prone to seasonal allergies, so they're constantly congested. When they have a cold or a cough, they're miserable and lethargic, which makes me so sad. So when I found Go Away Cold, it was like a godsend. It's the one spray that's helped them. I just spray their pillow at night and they wake up decongested!

How to use

Shake well before use.
Spray the room and pillow as needed, preferably at bedtime to inhale during sleep.
Apply directly to the chest/under the nose/feet, and massage for absorption.

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