Lital's Journey

Lital's Journey

From a young age, Lital was externally influenced by the words of family and friends about her ‘good hands’. Internally, she was inspired to heal.

As an adult, Lital expanded her knowledge of alternative health with the goal of helping others find their ground & balance. Lital spent over 7 years in focused study and continues to attend professional workshops to enhance her skills, deepen her knowledge, and stay current with different healing techniques.

In 2005, Lital founded “Feel It”, a practice offering onsite private & in-studio movement workshops, shiatsu classes, guided meditation, and tools for relaxation when under stress. Her clientele was primarily high-tech companies. Lital has worked as a therapist in private practices, hospitals, and different organizations and has taught Shiatsu to children and adults across the globe.

Q: What are Wholeness by Lital products?

A: Wholeness by Lital is a line of all natural products to promote family wellness. Each family member can find a use in them, not to mention the mommies to be and their newborns/existing children.

Q: Can you tell us about your background and your connection to healing and wellness?

A: I was always drawn to the holistic medicine and knew I had it in me naturally. Understanding the body mind connection, explore different healing modalities and the functions of the internal organs.  I started my career as a Shiatsu Master after long study and practice in Israel. Along with my Shiatsu practice, I continued to study Psychotherapy of the body – a body mind balance program to become a therapist. I trained as a Pilates instructor as well, and integrated the essential oils in my practice. 

Q: Where did the idea of creating the postpartum products come from?

A: After I gave birth to my first child I came across this “recipe” that apparently passed on for generations from moms to daughters. One of the main ingredients was frankincense, I educated myself then about the benefits of this oil, and discovered its magic powers. Since I was already working with the essential oils, it only made sense to use them on myself. The results were amazing and I recovered in no time using the spray. After giving birth to my second child, I was introduced to the healing power of pure honey, and created a jar with it with the ‘king’ of all oils- lavender. I used it on myself and again, felt better and so encouraged.

At that time, a good friend of mine just gave birth to her second child, a v-back labor (her first labor was a c- section). Needless to say very painful and many stitches were done. Few days after the delivery she still couldn’t sit or walk properly. Being a good friend, I made her few bottles of the products. She immediately felt a relief! after 2 days only, she could walk and sit, she could also smile again and simply enjoy her new born, without any trace of discomfort! Her recovery was fast and smooth. She herself couldn’t believe the difference with and without the products, and most important how fast they work! That made me thinking “why can’t other women enjoy a natural rapid relief after birth?” Us moms deserve it! That thought led me to create this line of products to help women heal.

As I continued educating myself and getting into the different therapeutic materials, I learned how to combine some oils for hemorrhoids relief (which are very common after birth).

Q: How do you use the postpartum products:

The frankincense blend you simply spray on the vaginal area after it’s clean, as much as needed (I recommend using it after changing a panty liner/pad). Please note that the frankincense can be used also to heal a C-section scars, spray directly on the scar. Researches show that frankincense can be good for headaches, relaxation, use as a facial cleanser routine and more.

The honey lavender- use the wood spoons to spread on a clean pad few times a day and or overnight.

The hemorrhoid spray can be used in a squad position to get the area.

Q: Tell us about the children care product

A: The 3rd product “was born” after my child had a cold, I decided to experiment few different oils in one bottle specifically to boost the immune system, help breathe easier when suffering from a cough or cold, ease congestion and open airways. Of course, the spray is not a substitute for a Dr. visit…I always tell the moms it can make your kids feel better, on top of Dr. recommendation, not instead.

I must add that we should always check if the child is allergic to any of the oils listed. In case of an allergy- the use of the spray should be avoided.

I love how simple it is to use- I just spray their room, beds and pillow at bed time.

Q: The 5th product is a beauty mask. Please tell us about it

A: This beauty mask is a combination of 4 extremely beneficial ingredients, that brings the skin to a new level of brightness, hydration and radiance. There are no chemicals or toxins. You are simply letting nature do the work for you.  

*For better results put the bottle inside of warm water for 2-3 minutes before use, spread the mask evenly on the face and wait 30-60 minutes (you will see results after 20 minutes already).

Q: What are the benefits of using wholenessbylital products?

A: I am using the purest highest quality of essential oils, making sure all oils are coming from a Fairtrade companies, to unsure best results. I believe in the body abilities to heal itself. All of these products are a booster for this natural process, without using chemicals or toxins, and without interfering the natural recovery process that is happening anyways. The products are user friendly, environmental friendly, safe with breastfeeding, 10% of profits are going to charity, and the most important component- each and every product is made with love, a prayer, and an intention.

Q: What is the message for the new moms, and their children?

A: I’d like to deliver the message to the new mommies that childbirth can be a joyful and holy experience and the products are here to ease any discomfort that comes with it.

The beauty mask speaks for itself. No need to spend a fortune to achieve amazing long-lasting results, and the kids spray will naturally boost your child’s immune system by reducing the use of drugs and by using the essential oils to enhance the child’s ability to overcome a cold.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years in terms of the products?

A: I believe that when more women and families will be exposed to the products, it’ll create a different awareness and more enjoyable experience of raising a family. Therefore, I see myself creating more and new products, expending to different countries around the world, educating and teaching about wellness, self-development and spirituality, and manufacturing in mass production so everyone can enjoy the magic of nature.


Medicine College, Tel Aviv – 1998-2001

Reidman College, Tel Aviv – 2002-2004

Seminar Hakibutzim, Israel – 2000

Dalia Mantber School, Israel – 2005




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