Managing Pregnancy and Postpartum Hemorrhoids

Managing Pregnancy and Postpartum Hemorrhoids

If you're dealing with hemorrhoids during pregnancy or postpartum, know that you're not alone.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum or anus that can occur during or after pregnancy and childbirth.

There are two types of postpartum hemorrhoids: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum, while external hemorrhoids develop outside the anus.

Many women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, as the growing uterus puts pressure on the veins in the pelvis. Hemorrhoids may also develop postpartum, due to pushing during childbirth.

There are a few postpartum hemorrhoid symptoms that you should be aware of. These can include bleeding, itching, and pain in the anal area. If you experience any of these symptoms, it's important to see your doctor right away.


There are several things you can do to treat and relieve hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth. Here are some tips to ease pain and provide relief:

- Keep your stool soft by eating plenty of fiber-rich foods and drinking plenty of fluids  especially water, to stay hydrated and help prevent constipation.. This will help to reduce the strain on your rectal veins when you have a bowel movement.

- Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. If you must sit for long periods, try to prop your feet up when possible.

- Try over-the-counter creams or suppositories to the affected area to soothe irritation and pain.

If your postpartum hemorrhoids are severe, your doctor may recommend a more aggressive treatment plan. This may include prescription medications or surgery.

With proper care and treatment, postpartum hemorrhoids usually go away within a few weeks. If your hemorrhoids do not improve with home treatment, see your doctor. They can help you find the best way to get rid of your hemorrhoids.

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