Whole  + Nest = WholeNest

Whole + Nest = WholeNest

Inspired by the body-mind balancing philosophy, our natural wellness products help you uncover the exceptional health-enhancing benefits of nature's elements and teach you the wonders of our body's innate ability to heal itself.

WholeNest products are boosters for the body's natural ability to heal itself without using chemicals or toxins and without interfering with the natural recovery process that is happening anyway.

What makes WholeNest products utterly magical is the fact that they are pure, natural, super-vibrational, and filled with a mother's love and care.

There is something genuine and honest in our natural remedies that are passed down through generations.

Wonder Spray

Our mega star multi-purpose spray has limitless functions.

Infused with high vibrational healing water and pure Frankincense oil, this spray is unique, powerful, and extremely healing for postnatal care, headache, face care, scar care, acne, and much more.  

Down There, Up There, Everywhere.

Honey Lavender Magic

Our Honey Lavender Perineum Tear Treatment is everyone's favorite.

We created this product using a traditional “recipe” that has passed through generations; it is an easy-to-use, effective, multi-purpose with exceptional results in postpartum.


Go Away Cold!

Our Go Away Cold! is an all-natural room and pillow spray that acts as a natural sleep aid and helps relieve nasal congestion, common colds, cough, seasonal allergies, and mild viruses, open up the airways and boost your immune system.

This is definitely a must-have family remedy.

Less Than A Day

Our Less Than A Day hemorrhoid relief oil is a product of an old essential oils recipe book passed down from generations.

Taking inspiration from the philosophy of natural healing, Less Than A Day features an exceptional combination of essential oils that make those occasional ouchies go away. The anti-inflammatory properties provide soothing relief for hemorrhoids, itching, burning, irritations, and even anal fissures.

WholeNest Postpartum Kit

This all-in-one solution is perfect for new moms dealing with postpartum recovery. 

With this comprehensive kit, you will have everything you need to get through those first few weeks postpartum and beyond.

Meet Our Founder - Lital

As a mom, a shiatsu master, an expert on psychotherapy on the body, and a pilates instructor - WholeNest came about as Lital was introduced to two wonderful recipes by her doula while going through her postpartum journey. 

She created the first two products and shared them with fellow postpartum friends to ease their recovery. The results were amazing, and the products turned out to be multi-purpose, too!

As the years went by, she improved the formulas to their maximum effectiveness and created two other products for hemorrhoid relief and to ease congestion. Her friends and family loved them and became must-haves in their households since.

That was Lital's "aha" moment: “Why can’t other families enjoy the same healing luxury?"

Thus, WholeNest was born.

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