FAQs - Ambassador Program

How do I become an ambassador?

To get started, go to this page to review details and click the "Become an Ambassador" button to sign up.

I've signed up. How can I start earning?

Each ambassador is given a unique code and a unique link to share with friends, family, and followers that gives them 15% off every purchase.

How do commissions work?

The commission depends on your tiers.  Tier targets are based on cumulative amounts, so all your sales are added together from enrollment - to date.


TIER 2 - ENGAGED: 15% (for sales $500-$999)

TIER 2: STAR: 20% (for sales $1000 and up)

When do I get paid?

Commissions are paid out monthly once the total amount reaches a minimum of $50. There will be a 60-day hold time to qualify for returns. Returned products are not eligible for commissions.

What is the payment method?

By default, commissions will be paid by PayPal unless otherwise stated or requested.

If PayPal is preferred, ambassadors must sign up for a PayPal account and ensure that the PayPal email address listed on their account is correct so that we can make payments to you when they are due. If the address is incorrect, then payments will not reach you, so it is your responsibility to update your PayPal email address if you change it.

I don't have a PayPal account. What do I need to do if I prefer a different payment method?

No worries - if you prefer other payment methods, please feel free to reach out to us at info@wholenest.co so we can talk about it more and explore options. We're more than happy to help!

What qualifies an order for commissions?

To receive commission credit using your tracking link, every purchase must be made directly after clicking on your tracking link (as the last click) and not on an ad or email campaigns from us.

Commissions are calculated based on the Discount Subtotal of each purchase (after any discount has been applied) and do not include shipping charges.

Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on their own orders, orders shipped to their address, or orders from another ambassador.

I want to talk about further collaborations. What do I need to do?

We have endless of opportunities waiting for you. You can contact us anytime at info@wholenest.co or schedule a call with the Founder herself, Lital, through this link.

I want to resell your amazing products. How do I get started?

Absolutely! We welcome all applications from individuals, professionals, large and small retailers with shared values and purpose. Click here to get started!

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