What is Shiatsu Therapy?

Shiatsu is a form of massage therapy that originated in Japan and is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. It involves the use of finger pressure, stretching, and other techniques to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and restore balance to the body's energy pathways.

My Journey

I have been practicing Shiatsu therapy for over 20 years, and have a deep understanding of the body and its functions, as well as the energetic forces that flow through it. My experience includes working with a variety of populations, including teens in mental institutes and patients in geriatric units. I have also taught Shiatsu and movement workshops to both kids and adults.

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Benefits of Shiatsu Therapy

  • Balance Your Energy and Emotions

    Experience a sense of balance, release tension and blockages, and promote emotional wellbeing.

  • Relieve Chronic Pain and Discomfort

    Shiatsu targets pain and tension, reducing back aches, neck and shoulder problems, and digestive issues.

  • Boosts Immune System and Overall Health

    Reduce stress, increase relaxation, strengthen the immune system, and improve overall health and resilience.

  • Enhances Fertility and Supports Pregnancy

    Regulate menstrual cycles, enhance fertility, ease pregnancy discomfort, and support a healthier pregnancy, smoother labor, and better postpartum recovery.

" I am very much connected to Shiatsu as it combines a full knowledge of the body and its functions, with energetic work, intuition, and body work. I feel that this is an alignment of who I am as a person, not to mention the great advantages this treatment has, like: treating chronic back aches, neck and shoulder problems, PMS, digestive issues, fatigue, general wellness, mental clarity and much more. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Can shiatsu help with infertility?

Yes, shiatsu can be helpful in addressing infertility issues as it helps to regulate the hormonal and endocrine systems, improve blood flow, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Is shiatsu safe during pregnancy?

Yes, shiatsu can be safe during pregnancy when performed by a qualified practitioner. However, it is important to inform the practitioner of your pregnancy so they can adjust the treatment accordingly.

Can shiatsu help with labor and childbirth?

Yes, shiatsu can help to prepare the body for labor and childbirth by reducing stress and tension, improving blood flow to the uterus, and promoting relaxation.

Are there specific shiatsu techniques for postpartum recovery?

Yes, shiatsu can be helpful in promoting postpartum recovery by addressing physical and emotional concerns such as fatigue, muscle tension, and anxiety. Specific techniques may include acupressure, stretching, and gentle massage.

Can shiatsu help with breastfeeding issues?

Yes, shiatsu can help to address breastfeeding issues such as engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis by improving lymphatic and blood flow, reducing inflammation, and promoting relaxation.

What should I wear to a Shiatsu session?

Shiatsu is typically performed with the client fully clothed. Loose clothing that allows for movement is best.

Is Shiatsu Painful ?

No, Shiatsu should not be painful. However, some pressure and discomfort may be felt as the therapist works to release tension and restore balance in the body.

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