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Nasal Congestion Relief, Stuffy Nose, Allergy Room & Pillow Spray, Go Away Cold by WholeNest

Nasal Congestion Relief, Stuffy Nose, Allergy Room & Pillow Spray, Go Away Cold by WholeNest

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An all-natural, must-have sleep mist 

This powerful pillow and room spray is your go-to solution for nasal congestion, to open up the airways and fight off colds. It is your best ally for allergy relief and immune-boosting, making it a staple in every household. Plus, it is safe for kids, pregnancy, and postpartum. Say goodbye to sniffles and hello to relief with "Go Away Cold”.

  • Breathe Freely: Experience the liberating sensation of clear airways with our powerful pillow and room spray. No more struggling with nasal congestion – just pure, refreshing breaths.
  • Allergy Relief: "Go Away Cold" isn't just for colds; it's your ally against allergens, providing you with the relief you need to enjoy every season. Let the soothing blend of natural ingredients create a protective barrier, keeping allergens at bay so you can enjoy life without the constant irritation.
  • Immune-Boosting Power: Boost your body's defenses naturally! Our specially crafted formula not only fights off colds but also works as an immune-boosting powerhouse. 
  • Family-Friendly Formula: Worried about the little ones? "Go Away Cold" is safe for kids, making it the perfect companion for families. From playful toddlers to school-age children, this gentle yet effective spray provides relief without compromising their well-being.
  • Safe for Pregnancy and Postpartum: Our spray is safe for use during pregnancy and postpartum, ensuring that every member of the household can benefit from its soothing properties.


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You've Asked, We Answered


Can I use the this in a humidifier? 

Absolutely! Not only will it do the work of opening airways and easing up colds, but it will also create a wonderful smell in their room. 

Can I use this spray on my baby?

Yes! This is carefully formulated to be very mild and safe for babies

Can this replace over-the-counter medicines?

No - this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

What do you mean by "precious ingredients"?

Having precious ingredients means we carefully studied and validated every ingredient that makes its way into our products. We validate every strain, production process, and origin, and we treat each one of the ingredients as a sacred gift by nature.

Is the scent too strong?

No - the scent is mild and not overwhelming. We use the purest oils. No preservatives, no chemicals.

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